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Our pro shop operator is none other than two-time world champion Michael Schmidt. 

He has worked at Laverendrye Lanes for over 12 years. 

He is certified with his Level 1 Technical pro shop license and is a world champion in both 2005 and 2010.

Mike is a current and three-time member of Team Canada, was named the 2005 and 2010 Canadian Bowler of the year, an incredible honour. He currently holds and shares 7 Canadian records - the list goes on and on. There is one word to describe this man, AMAZING!



The Pro Shop is open approximately  40 hours a week. For special orders, you can always call for an appointment (204-237-4137).​

LaVérendrye Lanes carries an assortment of balls, shoes, bags, socks and 

accessories from the following leading manufacturers:

• Ebonite™ • Hammer® • Track® • Dexter® and many more


In most cases, if we don't have the product, we can order it. 


Schedule is subject to change every month. Please call mike at (204)237-4137 for an exact schedule or to book an appointment. 

Mike is in 5 days a week,
6-9 hours a day. 



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Entry Level Reactive

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Mid Performance

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High End Performance

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1 Ball bag

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2 Ball bag

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3 Ball bag

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Plug and Drill finger


2 fingers




Entire ball


Drill new ball (purchased elsewhere)


Switch grips outers


Switch grips inners








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